Thursday, January 18, 2018
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new allahabad 

We were  assured long, long ago that Jamuna Bank Road would turn into Marine Drive and former Defence Secretary Yogendra Narian, as Chief Secretary, had promised to turn Allahabad into a Model City. But  whenever  such promises are made Allahabad turns into a still Dirtier City.

Anyway, now we have been promised a New Allahabad on teh pattern of  Greater Noida and it will be an integrated Township on the banks of the Ganga and will cover 1470 acres (as compared to 777acres covered by the Naini industrial township. Out of this 32% area would be industrial,  24% residential,16% Green, 9 % for institutions and rest for mixed use, transport and public facilities. And if Allahabad can get the ‘Early Bird’ project status (to be a part of Amritsar-Delhi-Kolkota industrial corridor, the prospects would be rosier. This dream project was unfolded by Principal Secretary, IIDD, Dr Surya Pratap Singh the other day.
Allahabad needs urgent expansion to reduce pressure on Civil Lines which has been turned into a glorified slum area by the greedy expansionists  among the builders and in the administration!


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