Thursday, January 18, 2018
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accident traps truck

It was sheer chance that a truck, carrying smuggled cattle, was discovered when it met with a mishap at  the new Yamuna bridge on Saturday  as it got stuck up because of the obstruction provided by the road divider.

The police came much later. The point is: How could the truck cross the bridge without anyone noticing it at the entry point? Or was it allowed after the driver had suitably ‘pleased’ the cops at the other end?
This is a very, very serious matter for it means that if, instead of the cattle, that  truck was smuggling arms meant for use by terrorists, it could similarly pass through such barriers by ‘pleasing’ the guards. It would seem that we have become vulnerable to terrorist threat now even from this angle. We have made the task of terrorists very easy by allowing corruption to thrive at the cost of national security.

 In view of the above incident  it is most essential that surveillance of trucks and  cars be done on a professional basis. Most of these suspicious cars and trucks move about freely at night.  And they have been encouraged to do so because the police have dispensed with night patrolling which used to be a regular feature of crime-prevention and crime-control measures adopted to make the city safe Suspicious characters keep on moving in cars with tinted window panes and there is none to challenge them. The other day the poor living in shanties on MGMarg  close to GGIC had to face the wrath of a bus driver  and his men who wanted to book a beggar woman for satisfying their lust.  The cops came on the scene much later. Those beggars should not be allowed there on pavement. That was first lapse. Then the cops were not around when an attempt was made to kidnap a married beggar woman. That was a second lapse.
The authorities have been telling car owners to remove the black sheets on their window panes. Even the High Court and the Supreme Court have ordered that the tints be removed. But   none  seems to be bothered about whether or not  the court orders have been enforced.
 Traffic police has earned the notorious reputation of being a Suvidha-Shulk Collectors’ Brigade. No fear from any quarter has tamed them. We have been appealing repeatedly that free rides by traffic constables on tempos and buses, taxis should stop. While it may not be easy to track those taking free rides in taxis the cops are visible doing so on a tempo. Why ? Why aren’t they stopped ? These men , when on a tempo, carry a guilty conscience with them. If a criminal is sitting by their side, they are bothered not. And the criminal feels safe too. Who will suspect that a bad character is sitting next to a cop ? But, thanks to the utter indiscipline among the traffic cops, criminals in many cases could be  travelling in the same tempos in which they are taking a free ride!

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