Sunday, February 25, 2018
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child cover with clotes

The mercury has suddenly slumped. Before the housewife could take out the woollens for airing them, the winter is on us, the bitter cold in the morning and late night making it impossible for one to do without warm clothes.

You had better have the warm clothing dry-cleaned. Many people are allergic to the chemical smell that comes from warm clothes when they are taken out for use in winter. They have to be put in the sun to drive away the smell. But sometimes it does not go away easily.
Since the weather in its dangerously changing moods can take you off guard, better be very, very careful. If that is not done, you fill start getting sneezes. If the ailment is restricted to common cold, it won’t matter. But in case it takes a serious turn then you will be forced to run from one doctor to another,  from one lab to another to carry out the tests demanded and end up losing half your salary without any improvement.
Children have to be fully protected. Cover them well before sending them to schools. One hopes that school timings would be adjusted suitably to meet the unexpected challenge from the weather.

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