Saturday, February 17, 2018
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pandit nehru

Today is the birthday of Jawaharlal, political heir of Gandhiji , who was described as ‘Rituraj’ by Tagore, who was loved and adored by the masses and who was weighed in silver coins even after China had stabbed us in the back in 1962.

A leader of such vast adulation, who ruled the hearts of the people and his beloved country till the last breath of his life, hardly had any critics in his life time. Even after his demise, the tribute paid to him by Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the Rajya Sabha would startle those of his party who have been aiming hard to belittle his personality. What is more, they are trying to do this by pitting him against another beloved freedom fighter and administrator of the country, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the other dear disciple of Gandhiji.
As a birthday gift to Nehru from Sardar Patel I am reproducing extracts from the letter which the then Deputy Prime Minister wrote to Jawaharlal on August 14, 1949, and which was quoted by Zee news channel. The letter forms a part of the book published to mark Nehru’s Diamond Jubilee birth celebrations. A copy of this book is among the prize possessions of Congress leader Shyam Krishna Pandey.
Patel wrote: ‘Jawaharlal and I have been fellow members of the Congress, soldiers in the struggle for freedom, colleagues in Congress Working Committee...devoted followers of the Great Master(Mahatma Gandhi)...and co-sharers in the great and onerous burden of administration of this vast country. Having known each other in such intimate and varied fields of activity we have naturally grown fond of each other, our mutual affection has increased as years have advanced, and it is difficult for people to imagine how we miss each other when we are apart and unable to make counsel together in order to resolve our problems and difficulties’
The letter is rather lengthy. But noteworthy to note is the following extract: ‘Contrary to the impression created by some interested persons(L.K.Advani  in 2013 ) and eagerly accepted in credulous circles(the 2013  saffronists of  today), we have worked together as lifelong friends and colleagues, adjusting ourselves to each other’s point of view as the occasion demanded and valuing each other’s advice as only those who have confidence in each other can’. Patel says of Nehru: ‘No one knows better than myself how much he has laboured for his country in the last two years of our difficult existence.’ Will Advaniji kindly go through this book, especially  Patel’s letter  of October 14, 1949?

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