Thursday, January 18, 2018
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crime wave

If we throw a glance at the crime statistics of the district we will be compelled to say that what we are witnessing in Allahabad is not Modi wave or Mulayam wave or Maya wave but a crime wave of the most frightening dimensions.

The latest victim has been a  Tehsildar  whose body was found  near a ditch in a lonely area and every effort has been made by criminals to show that it could be suicide though why he would go that far to end his life is a mystery that should be known to those who think that the gentleman ended his life. But post-mortem report confirms that it was murder. He was strangulated. The same day a cop was shot at outside a restaurant on Thornhill Road. One report says the cop was drunk and when asked to name the attackers he could barely speak. Another student appearing in a competitive examination was assaulted and injured very badly as he was coming out of a hostel. Eve-teasing, attempt to rape or rape news now do not surprise or shock any one. What the people are wondering is: Why are the authorities concerned unable to control the situation.
The police has to face the brunt of public criticism because what the  average man finds is that the cops are no longer visible on our roads to provide security to the people and create an awe among the criminals. If at all the cops are seen on roads they are found to be either drunk or are riding three on a two-wheeler without helmet or taking free rides on tempos or extorting suvidha shulk from truck drivers. This in nutshell is the reputation of the cops on the roads. If you visit them at the police stations they refuse to lodge FIR in most cases but pose to be your well-wishers, especially in rape cases and tell you how the marriage prospects of the girl would be hampered if the report becomes public. But if people still insist on filing a report then , in case the victims hail from a humble background, the police cast off the shell of politeness and resume their brutal form by shoeing them away from the police stations, compelling the aggrieved parties to seek the help of senior police officials to have the FIR lodged. There have been umpteen cases of this type. The Supreme court has once again said that an FIR in case of cognisable offences has to immediately be recorded and inquiry conducted later. But the court orders are being flouted. Can we please be told how many SOs have been suspended for not filing FIRs which have ultimately been accepted only on the intervention of higher authorities? It is the non-compliance of the Supreme Court orders that deal strictly with police highhandedness which has resulted in a collapse of the law and order situation in the city and elsewhere.

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