Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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drunk cops sent to lines

Murders are being committed at night mostly. Rapists are entering the houses of their victims, committing the foul deed and getting away with it because there is no patrolling worth the name on the roads.

Why has night patrolling been dispensed with? Gone are the  days when it was claimed that now criminals are concentrating on daytime crime like lifting cars, robbing bank customers and so on. If we glance through crime statistics we will find that thefts and robberies have increased manifold at night. The thieves, the burglars, now well equipped with mobile phones to act as guards for those committing big burglaries, manage to decamp with hordes of money. In Kareli some months ago, even a huge safe was removed from the house of a victim along with a licensed, ancestral gun apart from jewellery and cash worth lakhs. The theft occurred close to the house of an MLA. But so far no discovery has been made, I understand from the victim’s brother Dr Saad Usmani.. How could an iron safe be lifted from a  house and carried away without anyone in the area knowing about it? This would not have happened had there been night patrolling. These days it is more essential to have night patrolling in the city than to post the cops in daytime when in most cases it is not they who have arrested a culprit but the public which has been present on the scene. They have then handed over the culprits to the cops who thereafter start claiming that it is they who nabbed the culprits. And, by the way, there was a report the other day that the traffic police intends to go after drunk drivers. That is fine. And the sooner it is done the better. But what about the policemen who get drunk and can be seen moving about on roads, some dancing, some threatening and some creating nuisance ion other ways? They are immediately taken away by their colleagues. Obviously nothing happens even though some newspapers have been flashing their pictures.
At any rate, right now wee would appeal once again for introduction of rigorous night patrolling.





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