Saturday, February 17, 2018
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crime prone spots

Some lonely spots have become notorious for crime. The police should be aware of these spots by now. Why aren’t special arrangements being made to prevent crime in such areas? One such area is in Naini.

Our reader K.P.Singh has written to us to say that the recent recovery of  the body of an unidentified youth near the boundary wall of a newly built playground located  some100 metres from the ADA police outpost in Naini, must have startled the people. But this spot is notorious for crime. He says that this area has several large pits. There are also several huge heaps of garbage under which a body can easily be hidden. If the garbage was regularly removed, such a possibility would be eliminated. He also advocates night patrolling but adds that it could apparently be the fear of ghosts emanating from the graves in a grave yard located nearby which is preventing the cops to venture out on night duty. In fact, says K.P.Singh,  police  keeps on advising people  to avoid passing through this area at night after dusk. People have the impression that  by not ensuring security here the cops themselves are encouraging crime.  It is believed that criminals will keep away if proper lighting arrangements are made in this area which remains plunged in darkness and thereby extends an open invitation to criminals to have a go. If road is levelled, pits are eliminated, garbage heaps removed and night patrolling enforced there is every reason to suppose that things will improve.
Why are the authorities allergic to the suggestion of compulsory night patrolling? Some people say that vested interests do not want this. That gives them the freedom to move their vehicles freely at night. They can easily transport arms and ammunition to their accomplices and can also pursue their smuggling activities, including the obnoxious practice of carrying cattle to sell to butchers.
The higher authorities should revise and review their planning in respect of night patrolling or be prepared for more thefts, more rapes, more murders. For who will stop a car of gang-rapists with their screaming victim when there is no cop around?  

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