Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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wedding seasons starts

The wedding season is back. And, as usual, the Baraats will be late . They will be held up on the way because of traffic jam. One cannot be sure how many hours they will take to reach destination. This fact is being exploited by the anti-social elements who try to commit burglaries in houses that have been locked by the  ‘baraatis’  who  are out on the streets.

These days, the criminals are using mobile phones to keep in touch with one another. It appears to be a joint venture. When members of a family lock the house and join a baraat party, the crooks send one of their men to trail them. Others then enter the houses concerned. They have an understanding with the accomplices that, should any member of the household return home before time, they would instantly alert the burglars through the mobile phone so that they may decamp with whatever booty they have been able to collect.. In the past there have been instances when burglars have leisurely combed the house for all valuables and also enjoyed beer stocked in the Frigidaire  to say nothing of the snacks stored therein.
 One of their accomplices could  also be posted outside the building to keep an eye on those coming and going. The criminals  are fully alert about the possibility of the householders also forming   communication links among themselves to safeguard each other’s interests. If such an understanding has not been forged among residents  of a locality   then the mohalla people should do so. If they find anything amiss they should at once call the owner on phone and caution  him against the possibility of thieves entering their premises.
The ideal solution would be to leave some one behind so that the house need not be locked. But why should that person, left behind to take care of the security of the house, be denied the pleasure of attending a baraat  party ? Hence, as soon as the dinner starts, one of them should hurriedly finish his meals and rush home to send the gentleman safeguarding the house. That way safety would be assured to a large extent . But in  such cases the crooks may try another method. Knowing full well that only one person is at home, they may knock the door and inquire about some address or the other, concoct some name . Obviously the gentleman may not be knowing anything about the names inquired.. And if the gentleman, posted there, belongs to another locality, it might be easier for crooks to dupe him. He could be overpowered and tied up with ropes or thrown inside a store room So don’t open a house to strangers, especially if you are staying in a house to keep watch till the family returns.

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