Thursday, January 18, 2018
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food items costlier

The prices of vegetables have gone up and also of the grocery items.  It is possible that the demand  has escalated in a big way owing to the    Wedding Season.  The bride’s father will pay any amount  to buy the pulses  and other items necessary to prepare a wedding feast. 

Our correspondent says that the shooting prices have hit the common man hard.  But for wedding things have to be purchased in  bulk. The  market is exploiting the wedding demand. It could also be indulging in black-marketing for all that one knows.
Our correspondent says that let alone daal, it is difficult to make even ‘Tarka’ for giving a delightful aroma to the cooked stuff. This is because ‘zeera’ is selling for Rs85 a kilo, Haldi for Rs180 and Heeng’s  50 gm packet is available for Rs65 small packet is being sold  available. The prices are not stabilizing. This is causing great resentment among the people.

It is high time someone thought of reviving the Guest Control Order which had been enforced  during the days of Lal Bhadur Shastri . I may mention that in  those days wedding guests were limited to 15 only.There were also restrictions on the number of courses to be served during the meals, the dinner served had to be frugal. But that was a time when the shortages were genuine. There was no stock . That caused immense suffering.
Today however the situation is different. The stocks are there. But they have been sent underground so as to raise their prices in the retail market.  There is need to organize raids  to unearth the hoarded stocks. If this is not done prices will go on escalating during the wedding season. It is only after the culmination  of the marriage season that one may hope for fall in prices of essential food items. Till then we will have to bear the brunt and wait for  the curtain to fall on the marriage season.

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