Thursday, January 18, 2018
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online monitoring of development

I was glad to read that the  Nagar Nigam authorities are planning for online  monitoring of development work going on in different wards of the city. This  software for this work is ready.

Once the work starts, the engineering department will have to face the music should there be any lapse in conforming to the contractual requirements of a project. The general complaint  by sabhasads is that  construction of roads, culverts, nullahs is done in a haphazard manner. The material is pilfered and  the work, when completed, hardly lasts for  long time. The Corporators, however, are not very optimistic as they feel that the corrupt elements will find some loophole to pursue their  goal of minting money at the expense of efficiency.
But let us wait for the system to start working. It is only then that the truth would be known about whether or not the online experiment is working satisfactorily.
Data feeding has already started. Several columns have been introduced which have been presented in different colours.For instance if the work is complete, the green column will show it. Yellow coloured column will show the progress of a scheme under execution. The column with pink colour would denote the hurdles. And  sky-blue colour would mean that the  work had been rejected. The software will give you details about the names of  the  contractors, the engineers who are executing the scheme, budget of each ward would be shown separately, The columns will show the map of the work being done. That way it would be easy to monitor the work underway and pull-up those whose work is not satisfactory.

Let the Nagar Nigam try the method.  If the working is found to be satisfactory, the online monitoring can be introduced by the ADA too in order to keep an eye on the works being done by builders in different parts of the city. It need hardly be stressed that the flats being built after ADA’s sanction do not always conform to the standards promised. If a check can indeed be made then there would be minimum chances of  any fraud being committed.  But let Nagar Nigam show results. If  Pradeep Kumar can give a good lead then the ADA should also adopt this method.

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