Sunday, February 25, 2018
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junior doctor patients tiff

Once again there was scuffle between the junior doctors and the relatives of a deceased patient. As usual it was a tragic scenario. It is true that the doctors are overworked. Sometimes when they are busy attending to one critical stage they are suddenly asked to shift their attention to another patient who too could be in an equally critical state. It is this that leads to scuffles.

But there must be some sort of a solution? If there is sudden rush of serious cases, why don’t the senior doctors rush to the scene to help their juniors? I am not defending the violence that occurs on the campus in which the juniors are mainly involved. But we cannot just go on condemning them without caring to look into the circumstances that are causing this upheaval and taking the essential steps to ward off such a situation?

The rush to government hospitals is increasing because private hospitals and nursing homes are too costly and cannot be afforded by a common man. How then is the situation to be handled? Shouldn’t the senior doctors, who can find time to attend to patients in private nursing homes, be persuaded to give some attention in hospitals too? We do see the generous side of doctors when they run free medical camps. That is the other side, the human side of the medical profession. But what about showing that same humanism in government hospitals too? The matters are usually sorted out with the intervention of the seniors. Why don’t the seniors be present in sizeable number to give a helping hand to the  juniors and also guide them when a case becomes serious? Often the seniors are called when the case goes out of the hands of the juniors. This means delay. It would be essential to consider  the posting of a team of seniors compulsorily on the  campuses to meet any urgency instead of allowing the  situation to drift into a chaotic drama in which all are hurt with none emerging as a hero.

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