Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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p.k aggarwal

The passing of P.K.Agarwal, a prominent social worker of the city, has indeed come as a stunning blow to all those who looked up to this crusader against civic ills with hope and inspiration. We will miss him, more so, because he was a great fan of the Patrika and  used to regularly visit  us  to throw light on problems that were being neglected by the civic administration.

  Despite his age –he was 88—his crusading zeal was never on the wane. He would come with write-ups  to highlight this problem or that and was extremely perturbed by the expanding influence of corruption. If he liked the Patrika it was because, as he said, ‘You are very close to the common man  because you take up their case without annoying the good among the elite.’ When he was in hospital and much better after an operation, he called me there, greeted me with a smile despite being in pain and spoke about the cattle nuisance causing roadblocks and hindering speedy movement of vehicles and ambulances. When he recovered and was back home , I met him again at his residence. He was all excitement , looking forward to his grand daughter’s wedding on December 3 and said, ‘You must come’. Alas! That was not to be. The wedding has been postponed.
I saw him work most dedicatedly for the Rotary Clubs and the Bharat Vikas Parishad. Every year, some meeting or the other of these organizations used to be held at his residence where he acted as a generous and gentle host, ensuring that everyone was comfortable and enjoyed the cultural evenings which were a sheer delight to attend. His children and grand-children would be a part of the gala evenings. And as a good host he would hold us hostage for several hours . Those occasions will now remain with us as unforgettable moments spent with him.  Except for his recent illness, Mr Agarwala remained active throughout. Alvida P.K. Sahib. We will always miss you. As stated by Yogeshwar Tewari to me from  Delhi on Sunday morning, “About that noble soul, our dear old PK we can only say, ‘Tumhen na bhool payen ge’.


Principal Chandramohan no more

mr chandramohan
November 30 carried away another noble soul to his heavenly abode- Mr Chandramohan, retired Principal of K.P.Intermediate College. He was an educationist of repute and I recall having met him once at a discussion and also had telephonic conversations with him on some of the burning issues plaguing our education system. He had some very interesting experiences to narrate. I may  recall them on some other occasion. Today all that I can say is: May his soul rest in peace.





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