Saturday, February 17, 2018
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allahabad university science

The shocking incident that  took place on the Science Faculty campus of Allahabad University has given a jolt to the teachers who have come out of their slumber of complacence to give an explanation in order to throw light on the other side of the story. The boys have alleged that the disabled examinee was not given a helper and was asked to leave the university.

A report says that he was even forced to write a note saying that he was willingly going away. The teachers, however have another version to give. They say that after verification of all documents related to that disabled student they find that, far from ill-treating the boy, the Professor(who was assaulted) and the University administration were actually helping him in every possible manner. It is being stated that even the Dean, Students’ Welfare,  Mr Jagdamba Singh, had relaxed rules and regulations of the university to help the boy and hence the ‘allegations of harassment of the student by teachers were baseless.’  But if this was so, what was the cause of the friction? Unconfirmed stories with which the campus is abuzz say that the disabled boy was told, ‘You are good for nothing. You had better go’.  How would such rumours spread if  there was no basis for that? Can there be any smoke without fire?
But if what the teachers are saying is indeed correct then why students would react that way is something that is difficult to understand.   Something must have gone wrong somewhere. Was there a communication gap that created all the confusion? And if the report about the student being forced to give in writing that he was quitting the campus  willingly is incorrect, who spread that rumour? The matter should be subjected to a thorough and impartial inquiry which  must be conducted by an external agency because there will always be lingering doubts about whether or not a probe conducted by the University is fair or biased.
Meanwhile I would like to repeat that teachers should not talk of going on strike and that too against their own students. A Guru must command so much of awe and respect that just a word from him should be sufficient to calm down the students.

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