Saturday, February 17, 2018
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DM Rajshekhar

District Magistrate Rajshekhar is determined to end the plastic menace in the city.  Right now one finds plastic crockery much in use at most of the wedding halls. What is more, after the dinner, the used plastic-ware is thrown into the nearest garbage can.

One can see stray cattle licking the left-over crumbs and in the process also chewing and swallowing  spoons and saucers   which could have fatal consequences. The dirtiest part of the story is that the rag pickers remove the cups, plates and saucers, spoons and tumblers, wash them clumsily and resell them to the caterers who buy these at cheap rates and don’t care a damn for the stuff that is served through the polluted re-cycled crockery.
I may say that the wedding halls should either serve meals in plates made of chinaware or go in for ‘pattals’ (Big leafs sown  together} Likewise  in place of glasses  water can be served in ‘Kulhars’ (glasses made with mud). Sometimes even in posh marriages, we find the use of earthenware. This will give a boost to the income and the  morale of the potters.
Let some elite of the city set an example by serving meals in ‘Pattals’. Then others will  not have any hesitation in using the earthenware. Let  us  do something with which Lalu as Railway Minister had experimented . The best part of earthenware is that it can instantly be disposed of. There is no question about washing it  and reusing it. 
I am sure the Nagar Ayukta, who was present when the District Magistrate made his announcements, will go all out to ensure that wedding halls just do not serve meals in plastic crockery. 

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