Sunday, February 25, 2018
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It was indeed a bold step on the part of the UPPCL to disconnect the electricity of even some officers of government department who had not cleared the arrears of their bill payment. If a strong and determined drive is effectively launched against all those with huge arrears of power dues, then that would have a very healthy impact on the consumers in general as they will then be relieved to note that the department is being tough on both the big and the small.

It is true that the much-publicized assurance of replacing a faulty transformer within 24 hours from December one might be facing hurdles in the path of its implementation. But such transformer faults occur when the lines get over-loaded. And they get over-loaded because excess supply of electricity is being transmitted over and above the sanctioned load. Obviously this is because of power thefts which are taking place in a big way either openly(through the Katia menace) or in  veiled ways by tampering with meters. There were reports once that some big industries were robbing power through the Katia trick but that they also had regular connections so that one might not easily suspect any foul play. Since entry into a factory is under various checks and balances, even if a raiding party wants to enter an industrial estate to inspect the power lines, they are possibly detained at the gate for a while. During this well-planned, time-consuming  formality secret message is sent to the right people who disconnect the Katia wire  from the supply line. By the time the checking staff enters the premises everything has been set right. The inspectors okay the premises, have a lavish and sumptuous tea and depart with mementoes which are nothing but  gifts draped in the flattery cover of bribery. Long ago there was once a report that when an inspection team reached an industrial unit by surprise , the chowkidar let loose on them their Alsatian dogs. The inspectors fled. By the time they returned, everything was normal.

It would therefore be in the fitness of things to suggest that a strong derive against power misuse be started, especially in the Katia-prone areas and the industrial estates to say nothing of the residential colonies of high bureaucracy. If raids are carried out to their total conclusion there is every reason to hope that with stolen load eliminated, the transformers  on the whole will be carrying   the normal load and there should be no reason to suspect that things will be going out of hands. Issue correct bills, catch non-payers and track down industrial  theft of power too.

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