Saturday, February 17, 2018
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dhoomanganj murder

Dhoomanganj has become notorious for crime. And added to the list of horrors  was the brutal murder of a woman the other day who was done to death in a manner that would send chill down the spines of most of the readers. Her head had been badly scotched. What is more there was hardly any garment on the body, giving clear indication that the woman had been undressed, raped and killed.

Had it not been for the chance discovery of the crime when some boys entered the house to look for their cricket ball that had fallen into the courtyard, the murder might not have been discovered for some time more.
Why have criminals become so fearless? The obvious answer to this question is that this has happened because the police no longer creates the awe which was visible on the faces of their predecessors a generation or two ago. Now the impression is that the cops are pliable. If they are escorting under-trials from jail to court and the criminals just escape, sometimes with the handcuffs, then that shows how inefficient they have become. Sometimes the prisoners in transit have offered tea to the police escorts and escaped  after mixing sleeping drugs with the beverage. Often they have carried away weapons of the cops. Some people suspect that it is all planned, that the escapees working for those having tons of black money  pay them well for this drama. The cops get suspended for a while no doubt. But the job remains; and they become richer by several thousand rupees which are not handed over to them but delivered at a safe address to a person whom they trust.
In other words, the corrupt elements among the cops have degraded themselves beyond limit. They stoop down to the lowest depth to scoop an advantage. And their explanation is: ‘We paid lakhs to get into the service. We have to recover the amount by hook or by crook’ Therein lies one explanation at least. There may be several others too.

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