Sunday, February 25, 2018
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garage on road

The Nagar Nigam is on war path. And it is going all out to nab those citizens who throw their household waste and garbage on roads instead of dumping them in the garbage cans or the site fixed. Some 1400 citizens have already been challaned and heavily fined. The fine ranges from Rs200 to Rs500.  According to the civic health officer P.K.Singh, the areas notorious for throwing garbage on the streets include Katra, Allahpur, Karela .

   Some 6000 more have been identified. They too will soon be trapped and challaned. They will then have to go to the courts because the challans  will take them there to fight for their release.
This problem is more acute in the city’s old areas where people live in many-storey buildings in small lanes and by-lanes. What often happens is that the people living in upper  storeys just throw the garbage packets to the ground. It is not their concern as to where the garbage falls. This leads to acute insanitation and can become the cause for an outbreak of an epidemic of a serious disease.

The Nagar Nigam must also drill it into the minds of the people that  burning of garbage on roadsides is  not allowed. On some of the garbage bins this has been mentioned too. But no one bothers. In fact one sometimes finds even sweepers burning the garbage as it then becomes easy to remove. But the foul smoke emitting from it can prove extremely dangerous to passersby who inhale that smoke . As it is, any smoke is bad for the lungs. But this smoke comes filtered not through tobacco but through garbage heaps that contain so much of filth as to make one tremble at the very thought of the germs that might be landing into our lungs via the infected smoke.
This too should be dealt with  on a  priority basis.

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