Sunday, February 25, 2018
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The continuous strike by junior doctors is causing immense suffering to the patients going there for treatment. They have to return disappointed. A report says that four persons have died as a result of the strike.

 The Principal, Dr S,P,Singh has done his very best to resolve the crises and it must be said to his credit that he  made constructive announcements the other day and even said that if patients have any difficulty they would be given a Helpline Number on which they could contact senior doctors who will rush to their help. But all that will have to wait till the present impasse is over. This is a legacy of the past and few Principals have tried to take steps to prevent the tension that frequently occurs between juniors and patients. If seniors were to be present on the spot, much of the trouble may not arise because it is often the lack of experience among the juniors that creates unsavoury situations.
I will not comment on the reasons behind the present stir as the matter is in court. But a PIL has been filed against the maltreatment meted out to patients and their guardians. The petitioner has criticised the senior doctors, especially those seniors who are indulging in private practice and neglecting their hospital duties. Let us leave the matter to the courts.
But since one cannot be sure when the SRNH strike would be over, the district administration should  make alternative arrangements for attending to the emergency patients. If they are not sure whether this will be possible on the SRNH premises then they should select another venue, seek the help of some obliging nursing home or some charitable medical centre where these emergency patients might be admitted for treatment. When we can have make-shift arrangements on the spot, where a natural disaster may take place, why can’t we think of similar arrangements ?

The AMA should be requested to contribute their manpower for this emergency work.  The Rotary and the Lions Clubs in Allahabad have a horde of service-minded medicos who  are regularly holding free relief camps in the city. We need to request them for their help. I am sure that will send out a correct message.

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