Sunday, February 25, 2018
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illegal construction

Illegal structures are being brought down in different localities of the city. That is fair enough. If buildings have been raised by violating the civic bylaws, the defaulters should be punished. But my strong plea is that if the illegal structures are brought down then those who permitted the construction work should also be held accountable . Unless this accountability is enforced with an iron hand, innocent people will continue to be duped by the unscrupulous elements in the bureaucracy and the builders.

What is most regrettable, in spite of reading in newspapers and watching on TV how palatial mansions are being razed to the ground because of the illegalities committed, the public pays no heed. They fall into the trap laid by the corrupt elements comprising the builder-bureaucrat nexus. It is only when the High Court intervenes that the authorities wake up.
In this connection I would like to ask a question. Are all defaulters confined to far flung localities of the city?  Is there no defaulter in Civil Lines where construction work is moving at a brisk pace? There seems to be something fishy . After all we cannot accept that there are house-crazy people in every area of the city except Civil Lines?
The authorities concerned announced some months ago the number of houses that were declared illegal.  We would like to know how many of these were in Civil Lines and whether they too were earmarked to be bulldozed. If they were marked for demolition, what has been done so far  to execute the demolition order?

I need hardly add that  violation of building rules has been done in a big way. I was told that wrong statistics have been entered on records. There appears to be a big racket. But some one has to take the initiative. It may not be easy to check corruption straightaway but it is highly immoral to allow illegal structures to come up by misleading the investors that all will ultimately be well.
Meanwhile many people say that the  real test of  the Nagar Nigam and the ADA lies  in Civil Lines. They are afraid to release the names of those who have been duped into building illegal houses.We will come to know about their plight only when the Court   discovers their fraud through a PIL that might be filed by some . Why wait for that?

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