Thursday, January 18, 2018
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high court

The Allahabad High Court bench headed by Chief Justice Chandrachud has rightly directed the local police to take effective steps in order to stop the supply of drugs rampant in some areas of the city. The  Court was responding to a PIL in which the petitioner had mentioned several areas of the city where this drug supply was being made with impunity.

The police have assured prompt action. But the point is: Why should the police wait for the courts to intervene? Why should they compel citizens to burden the courts with additional cases? Why can’t the cops act on their own? According to the petitioner, these drug suppliers are active in Katju ki Bagiya, Salori, Kailashpuri, Badi Bagiya and Swarajnagar localities.
The ‘poison’ is spreading from there and reaching different parts of the city if other reports are to be believed. Newspaper reports appearing from time to time have hinted about the possibility of these drug peddlers being active near posh schools. In the past we have come across reports about boys  from affluent families being trapped through snack sellers outside the college campuses. Once the youth get addicted, they are then allegedly exploited and forcibly used as carriers of these drugs to other agents.
There have been demands from several quarters that no vendors should  be allowed near school campuses. One can never be sure whether the so-called customers standing at these shops are genuine buyers  or are   standing there with the purpose of enticing or kidnapping children to demand fat ransom or are wanting to  translate into practice some of the lurid stuff they might have watched on TV channels in respect of child abuse. Outside some girl colleges one finds  tempos parked in abundance. They are supposedly waiting for genuine customers. But how can one be sure that they are not there with any other motive?

The police has a two-fold task to perform. In the first instance they must plug all the loopholes through which the supply of banned intoxicants lands in the city. Secondly they must also ensure that the drugs, somehow smuggled out before seized by the police, do not reach the gates of any school and colleges. And finally the police will have to also ensure that their men at the job are above board. How can we be sure that some of them will not deliberately allow the smugglers to escape in return of a fat sum of money as a reward for their cooperation? When under-trials can escape from police custody with alarming frequency, can’t similar help be rendered to the drug suppliers and peddlers by them ?

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