Thursday, January 18, 2018
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A BHS boy was knocked down by a bus because the lad tried to take short cut by turning right instead of going round the traffic island. The bus did the rest.

Two things emerge from this—one, that the boy was on the wrong side. But in defence of the boy I can say that at such crossings most others to do the same. Very often it is the rider abiding by traffic rules who meets with an accident when the bus or car or tempo coming from the wrong side hits him. What I want to say is that if the Traffic SI or his team ever went to the BHS to give traffic tips to students, at least this student did not follow them.
The other and more important thing that should be emphasised is the control on speed . The big vehicle drivers in many cases cast all caution to the winds and start driving at a fast pace forgetting that they could meet with an accident. This brings us back to the same suggestion. Why aren’t bus, truck, tempo drivers subjected to the counselling exercise of the traffic cops? The other day,
 yet another tempo overturned on a city road. This has been happening too frequently to be ignored. Times without number we have been talking against the unbridled freedom given to tempo drivers by the traffic cops. But hardly anything has been done to discipline them. Who will take care of the undisciplined tempo drivers ? Are they following all the rules that  are supposed to be in force ? Are the drivers wearing uniforms ? Are they adhering to the maximum number of occupants to be seated at one time ? Have they stopped playing the shrieking audio system ? And have they stopped giving free rides to the fat, clumsy cops who, in exchange protect them against action when they commit a wrong ?

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