Sunday, February 25, 2018
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The medical profession should be one of mercy and compassion. But it has been turned into a money-spinning game where even bodies of dead patients are not released unless their trumped up bills are paid in full. These hospitals, their proprietors, their doctors are insulting death and thereby damning themselves too!.

Long ago I remember being told that when a patient died, his last bills were not pressed for payment. Doctors just wouldn’t do that. But today I am told that even when the patient is dead they deliberately do not take off the ventilator  just to inflate the charges.  Sometimes a patient has been dead for 24 hours. But he is shown to have died much later—to fleece money even from the dead. That is why I have heard many people say, ‘Please never, never take me to a hospital.  Let me die in bed. It will be a peaceful departure’.
The hospitals which are supposed to give medicine free and provide other facilities free make it a point to show that the prescribed medicines are not in stock and ask the patient to get them  from a chemist mentioned by them and not from any other chemist. They send patients for blood test to labs that pay them high commission. Medical profession has become a profession of cheats, profiteers, black-marketers and all the rest of it. One person went to the extent of saying that if doctors are held to ransom it is because those people challenging them know about the tricks through which they fleece the patients.
I would say that not all doctors are like that. Some of them are very kind, gentle, noble and help patients by giving medicines from their own side. But theirs is a dwindling clan.
Now you must be wondering why I have been provoked to write all this. I read a report that a person, who was badly injured in a road accident was first taken to SRNHospital and thereafter to a private hospital. They fleeced money in thousands but could not save him. The relatives charged them with negligence. They had paid a lot of money in advance already. But they demanded more before releasing the mortal remains. There was Hangama. Police had to intervene and effect a compromise. Wasn’t that indeed shameful?

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