Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Our reader from Naini, K.P.Singh, says that Lok Pal may be good at post-mortem but we need someone who can prevent the need of post-mortem—that is, prevent acts of corruption. Maybe the presence of Lok Pal  will have some deterrent impact. But, he says,  a Lok Pal too will be a human being, not a superman above temptation, greed!

He says: ‘The way things stand today, people in high positions are not afraid of committing irregularities’. He says, ‘ You can hear them say “Let us commit the foul deed. Let the authorities charge us. We will take care of all that”. The legal process is too slow to harm them for a long, long time. And politics also helps in a big way so that cases can be withdrawn too with none getting wiser’. K.P.Singh says,’ ‘How will Lok Pal manage such a huge country? Obviously he will have a huge staff to provide sinews to his muscles. Can we assume that all will be above board as the hypothetical Lok Pal?’ He further says, ‘When Anna Hazare’s team, including Kejriwal, hit the headlines together, one thought that they would indeed achieve wonders. But when that very team cracked and now Anna says he has nothing to do with Kejriwal, how can we expect that the Lok Pal and his advisers will not have contrary views on some issues that could lead to stalemate?’. He has a point!

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