Saturday, February 17, 2018
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SP (Railways)D.K.Rai  was apparently stunned by a news item published the other day that some cops of the QRT(Quick Reaction Force)are involved in looting tribal men and women labourers coming from Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh between  September and December to work here in brick kilns till June,  As soon as the Sarnath Express, Pawan and Nautanwa-Durg Express arrive at the Junction station the incoming labourers are accosted inside the compartment by men in uniform who take the minimum of Rs200 from each family.

The report did create a sensation and Mr Rai has  ordered a probe, The CO Mr O.P.Singh is handling the probe and asked members of the public to send them any vital information that they may be having. It will be treated as confidential.
It may be interesting to note that the reporter of the Hindi daily which flashed the news says that  there is a video clipping of the extortion drama.  Mr O.P.Singh has assured that the video film will be scrutinized to find out who all the men in uniform are. Whoever they may be—GRP or  QRT—they will not be spared. A report in Amar Ujala says that this report has created a big flutter as some men in uniform at the constable level have stated that they are not alone in this racket but that they have to share the loot with those above. This may or may not be true. It could be true because how else could extortion on such a large scale continue without the seniors knowing anything about it? It could not be true because that is a standard excuse that men caught in the act give so that they may be spared . That is why Mr Rai has ordered a thorough probe. Following the publication of the news, the kingpin--whoever he may be—has, according to the report, asked the extorters to lie low for some time.  However, since the migrants flow in between September and December and this month is nearing its end, the extorters might not have suffered much loss. They can keep away till next September. But what arouses my curiosity is: How is it that when these migrants are returning home in June with their earnings no extortion bid is made? Does the entry- extortion of Rs200 immunes them from further extortion, especially during their return journey? In fact it would be more lucrative to fleece them when they were carrying plenty of money than to rob them on entry when they could hardly be having much money.
Interestingly enough, pressure was put on the reporter to stop his tirade. The daily has given the name of one Rajesh Yadav a confidante of the kingpin who contacted the scribe in this connection. The cops involved in the extortion drama are panicky because of the CD camera having trapped them in the act. They are trying their best to catch hold of important politicians and other VIPs to bail them out of this situation. The CD, whenever viewed by the inquiry panel is bound to expose their role in the drama.

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