Sunday, February 25, 2018
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There are hardly any shelter homes for the poor in this highly rough and inclement weather. The mercury seems to be tumbling fast.  Whatever be the minimum temperature, one thing is fairly clear—that when the mercury remains stuck  at the lower level for quite long, with no sunshine to give relief, especially in foggy weather,  then the cold wave is bound to persist  and become unbearable.

But then, this is the time for cold weather. And those in the pink of health love it, enjoy it to the brim too.But the task of protection against this cold weather should be treated on priority basis. That is why for the shelter-less a shelter home would be a boon.
I was told long, long ago by Mr B.N.Joshi, a retired bureaucrat who practised homeopathy as a hobby, that in winter the best thing was to drink plenty of water. He suggested that when one gets up in the morning he must have a glass or two of hot water. He called it Hot water therapy and said it was good  both as a preventive and a cure. He would say, ‘If there is slight exhaustion or body pain just go on drinking hot water and you will learn about the efficacy of this magical remedy.’ I have tried this therapy and found it very useful. In fact I keep hot water ready in flask, And when I get up early morning for a walk, I  consume that water. But mind you, the water should be pure. However, boiling it would remove the impurities to a large extent..


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