Sunday, February 25, 2018
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These days criminals are outsmarting their victims. Without firing a shot they are managing to get away with their misdeeds. In this particular case a jeweller in Meerganj was  robbed in a jiffy. He  had with him a  bag containing gold worth eleven lakh rupees. He reached his shop safely.

Then he kept down his bag, opened the locks and raised the shutters. Thereafter he put on the light but as soon as he turned  back to pick up his bag,  it was gone!
There was no gunshot, no scuffle, no snatching. It was a neat operation. It must have been planned by someone who must be watching the jeweller’s daily routine—how he put the bag down, opened the lock, then the shutters and then switched on the light. He must have calculated the time consumed in the entire leisurely process and then  carried away the bag  unseen!
Such thieves use not their muscle power but brain power to commit crime. Now no longer are criminals restricted to the underworld gangs. They could  be  smart young men who watch crime being committed on net and also  learn western tricks from foreign films and are thus much ahead the local criminals as well as the police which hardly tries to study and improve itself, busy as it is in many instances  in collecting ‘haftas’.
The investigation wing of the police might be thoroughly  educating itself with the latest methodology adopted by sophisticated criminals. But the cops in the field work with their minds shut, so it seems. How then can they prevent crime from being committed? The people will have to be alert too. In every household there are computer savvy youngsters who keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in various fields. And  some of the youngsters take keen interest in criminology too while others watch English detective movies too from where they get new ideas.   It is the extra smart among them who could be trying to experiment with the methods learnt from the screen and getting away with it too. Those who make a mistake are caught and then it is learnt that the trapped man was a qualified youngster! But there may be others who do not make such a mistake and get away with it. In this particular case the theft must have been committed by someone spying on the jeweller’s habits.
This should serve as a lesson to all traders. What they should do is to go to the shop first without any bag. Once the shop is opened and other members of the staff arrive, then the owner can go home and fetch the bags containing valuables.

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