Saturday, February 17, 2018
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One of our senior readers Rajiv Dave says: ‘You wrote about Vintage Cars. Why don’t you talk about  Vintage Readers as well?’  I think now is the time to wish our Vintage Readers a happy new year too. I begin with Rajiv Dave-because he made the suggestion-and can say that he is vintage --and not vintage too!

His jokes, some of which have appeared in this column, particularly his couplets, create the impression that he is a young man barely out of his teens. At least that is what another of our readers Shamsher Singh says. ‘Is he a flirt?’ he asked me the other day. Shamsher, who is a blunt person from the vintage era says, ‘ Teenagers like Rajiv Dave flirt with life if not with girls.’ I told him that Rajiv is no teenager. Then in Rajiv’s neighbourhood stays senior advocate S.N.Verma who is an encyclopedea on classic singers and artistes of the vintage era. Saigal is his favourite and he likes Babul mora naihar chooto jae as much as he loved it 70 years ago when he would go on playing the record repeatedly for several hours at a stretch! Another  vintage reader in the eighties is retired Principal G.C.Saxena whose Grammar Notes in the Patrika  have made him the darling ‘Grammar Uncle’  for our young readers. And young at heart is the evergreen S.S.Majithia who retains his wild humour despite being in his eighties. He will be a match for Rajiv Dave if there was a competition for non-veg. jokes. Another young Vintage Reader stepping into the eighties is Raja Zutshi a great broadcaster of his times and today a bitter critic of those manning our local public-utility services. Our fanatic readers since the vintage era include such stalwarts like freedom fighter Mr Ziaul Haq (now in his nineties) Mr Ishratullah Siddiqui, Mr M.Z.Khan, Mr S.Mehdi , Mr Anshi Ram B.Rajani. Mr J,A.Dawson, Mr Awadesh and Mr Brij Kishore Das Gujrati. I cannot  also help remembering  Dr B.N.Asthana ( who occasionally gives a ring from Lucknow) and Prof H.S.Saxena. Whenever he is in Allahabad, he comes out with lively comments. And then there is the flutist Victor Saunders whose telephonic comments give us an idea about the depth of his wit and humour. They have all been regularly sending us their comments in writing or conveying them to us on phone. And we have featured them. And last but not the least among our vintage readers is Mr S.N.Bagga whose personal experiences with leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi have been featured by us from time to time.Today I wish to offer them all our warmest greetings for a very, very happy new year.
TAILPIECE: Rajan Harshe, ex-VC, AU has sent New Year greetings to us from Delhi. We wish him the same

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