Saturday, February 17, 2018
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As predicted by us, the deadline for the completion of Mela work has been violated once again. And another deadline has been given. The same story will be repeated, The work will deliberately be done at a very fast rate to meet the final deadline.

Quality work will become a distant dream. The  fragile works may last through the Magh but after that  most of the things will be gone with the wind.
The authorities must not just fix deadlines, they must also  allot work to new contractor to proceed from the date of the deadline violated by the previous contractor. If this is done, there will be the fear in the mind of the contractor that in case he does not meet the deadline he will lose the contract and will have to pay a big fine apart from being removed from the list of  contractors .  Unless strict corrective measures are adopted,  there may be no improvement.

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