Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Our Jhusi reader Ravindra Tripathi  fully agrees with Shamsher Singh and says that the University in its own interest should call for the posting of special Central force to protect the campus and also the hostels from the local police raids.

He says, ‘It has been seen several times that the cops, once they enter the hostels, start committing excesses on honest and harmless student inmates whereas the real crooks, forcibly occupying the hostel rooms escape unchallenged, unhurt’.  Ravindra says that if Central forces stand on guard, even the non-students staying in hostels will leave the place. What is more, with an active Central force around, the hostels in due course would cease to be shelter providers to unauthorized occupants, many of whom indulge in acts of gross indiscipline . And these acts include ragging of the extreme type.  What will be the role of the central forces may be planned and decided. But one thing is certain, those cops will just not be empowered to ignore the call of the Vice Chancellor or the Acting VC.’
But there is another point raised by Ravindra Tripathji. He wants to know that if the local administration is asking for written complaint, why aren’t the University authorities lodging the same? He says, “They have all the proof. They can take clippings of photographs published in several Hindi dailies in which the cops can be identified—the ones who had committed the sacrilege of entering classrooms and thrashing the innocent boys who had nothing to do with any agitation whatsoever’.
We are receiving complaints from several quarters. But our appeal to the administration would be to provide the healing touch. They are our own students. They are not the enemy lurking round in various guises whom  the police have been unable to arrest,
And what is the fault of the agitators? They are only asking for a fair field so that through fair examinations they may become  administrative officers of tomorrow?
TAILPIECE: The officials were busy when the VC summoned them. That was not just defiance but also a cause of delay for the solution of the crisis. And by the way, how is it that the same officials had enough time to meet teachers when they called on them. Were they not trying to score over the intellectuals some of whom might have been their teachers?

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