Sunday, February 25, 2018
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A young man, who was going to join his new job was tricked by a Tempo(Vikram) driver near Rambagh Tempo Stand. Avneesh Singh of Piparaon village in Karchana had only recently got a new job in a Delhi firm.

He left the village to join duty, carrying all documents and Rs3000 in cash in his bag along with a lap-top. He reached Rambagh station and was looking for conveyance when an empty tempo offered to take him to Allahabad junction Railway station. Avneesh sat in the tempo. But soon the driver started tossing the tempo this way and that, creating the impression that the vehicle had developed a snag. Avneesh, shaken up by the tossing tempo,  got down from the vehicle. The driver told him, ‘Keep your bag and baggage here and look for a tempo that will take you to the junction.’ He kept his luggage including the valuables and started looking for another tempo. But within the twinkling of an eye, the tempo vanished in thin air!  Avneesh lost everything—his money, laptop, clothes as well as the documents that would have assured him appointment in Delhi the next day. Crestfallen, the young man, instead of going to Delhi had to return home. How could he go when there was no money to take him to Delhi and no documents to prove that he was the person called for the job interview?
Let me give some tips. These frauds invite you to sit on the front seat when they will size you up in their own way, without arousing your suspicions, as to whether you are carrying anything worthwhile. If you are not carrying, they will ask you to sit comfortably in the back seat and invite the next victim in the front seat. This happened on the Leader Road-Civil Lines tempo route. This driver and his accomplice seated several such passengers one at a time, ‘searched’ them without their knowing it, shunted them to the back seat. Near the Johnstonganj crossing, finding no ‘shikar’ , the driver halted the vehicle and said ‘My diesel is exhausted. I cannot go forward. Please dismount’. The people got down. He did not charge them anything saying that since he was not fulfilling his obligation to take them to their destination, he would not charge them. But that was drama. He wanted to tap new victims on the Sangam route. If you spot an empty Vikram, do not board it.

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