Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Can one be blamed if he or she alleges Maha Kumbh Road Scams in Allahabad? Crores of rupees were supposed to have been spent on building, repairing, retouching, face-lifting the city roads before the Maha Kumbh.

We did catch a glimpse of those smooth roads too. But they soon crumbled. And even before the Magh Mela has started, the Kumbh gifts of roads given to us have collapsed at several places. The other day  the wheels of a bus sunk into the road in Akbarpur. At several places the roads are being dug up all over again to lay the sewer lines.
One would like to know that if the laying of sewer lines was compulsory, why didn’t the authorities wait  for the completion of this work before  smoothening the surface of roads? There must be some sort of conspiracy behind all this. The conspirators must have known that the roads will have to be dug up to lay the sewer line. But how could they deny themselves the opportunity to repair the damaged roads? There may be suspicion lurking in several quarters that the roads were deliberately repaired before the sewer work was completed so as to get double advantage. Money now  and later money again. Since the roads will have to be redone in all such cases, there would thus be more money.
This is a scandalous state of affairs and an inquiry should be ordered. How can  huge sums of money be allowed to go down the drain?

Since the Centre had given funds for Maha Kumbh too let some complainants report the matter to Delhi also and ask them to send a team of neutral experts who may verify whether or not the claims made in the contract have been carried out. If not, the team would know who all are to be noosed..

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