Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Fifteen hardcore terrorists have taken shelter in Uttar Pradesh and some of them could have already arrived in Allahabad  and might even have entered the Magh Mela arena in various guises so that they may have sufficient time to plan an attack on Jan 14 (Makar Sankranti) when  huge rush of pilgrims is expected to visit the Sangam for a holy dip in the Ganga.

How big is the threat can be gauged   from  the announcement that says that any one giving information  about the hard-core terrorists could be rewarded with a cash prize up to Rs10 lakhs !  The SSP, Umesh Srivastava says that so far they have not received any input from any quarter about the possible presence of terrorists in the mela area. Even so some four dozen members of the anti-terrorist squad and anti-mine teams have already arrived in the Mela area. The administration has also released pictures of many of the suspected terrorists so that people may identify them and report against them to the relevant authorities.
The authorities claim that through the CCTV cameras they will be able to successfully  track, trace and identify  if not nab anyone who might have already arrived and is staying in the Mela under an assumed name,
The administration has released the photographs.  But won’t that alert   the terrorists to either not be seen anywhere around the place or come here properly disguised? Another possibility is that on seeing their photographs flashed in newspapers and on TV channels ,the listed terrorists may not come here themselves but could be in contact with some of their sleeping modules who may then enter the mela in some of the most unsuspected disguises. For  instance, how can we be sure that the electrician  deputed in Mela to attend to power faults is not a terrorist in disguise! All that he has to do is to manipulate a short-circuit in such a way as to ensure that it causes a mishap after several hours  There are others too on whom no one’s suspicion might be aroused such as the masons, the sanitary inspectors, the sewer attendants, the peddlers, the sweepers, the chowkidars, the drivers of private cars and taxis   and so on. Once a blast takes place  these fellows could be escaping escape without anyone becoming the wiser.
But there are several other possibilities too. For instance what could prevent terrorist from donning the robes of a Sadhu? One doesn’t care to give a second look to the multitudes of Sadhus who  might all be very, very genuine but could yet be unknowingly carrying along a fanatic out to disturb the people of the soil
All that I may say is that round-the –clock alert should be sounded and those cops who are in the habit of snoring  must be jolted out of their  periodic slumber by the anti-terror squad members. It is no use citing numbers to say that all is well if the numbers include lazy drones in police uniform who do not work properly and thoroughly.

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