Thursday, January 18, 2018
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In the past the authorities  used to regularly remind the people that they should be informed of any stranger who might have arrived in a locality. House owners  were repeatedly told to inform the administration about the new tenants who might have hired their premises. Citizens  used to be asked to be careful while engaging new domestic servants.

This should be done with greater speed now than ever before.  The new servants may be models of efficiency and honesty while working in a household. That is because they want to ensure a safe abode for themselves. They could be doing the mischievous work elsewhere in the city. When a new domestic servant is engaged, especially a stranger from another state, a watch should be kept on who all meet him. They could be the collaborators. The authorities should announce the formation of a special cell that may receive complaints, information about strangers and also help citizens in knowing about the antecedents of a new comer for a domestic job.
I need hardly stress that those who have some nefarious game to play hide their  true personality  from the  people and the police. Once they get a job, they may not cheat  their masters as that would deprive them of a  safe sanctuary so to speak.   If they are good bike riders and have won the trust of their masters, they will use the bike also to carry the clandestine products and place them in the hands of the agents who in turn will ensure that the contraband is carried inside the mela. I am warning about all possibilities because this time since the authorities are taking extraordinary measures to protect the mela  , the crooks too will use extraordinary methods to hoodwink them.
Incidentally I may also warn the Kitty Party Madams not to trust their maid servants too much. They should know that once the maid servant gets an idea that Madam will be away for several hours at the Kitty Party  she could invite her collaborators to examine the premises with a view to staging a burglary at night. She could even be running a sex racket in the house—daytime pleasure haunt for young  boys with girls –because parks are either cowsheds or are

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