Sunday, February 25, 2018
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We have received an interesting complaint from Mr Naresh Kochar and Mrs Junie Kochar(Principal Greenlawns)which pertains to the dumb attitude of the Postal authorities in regard to a crucial matter  that could be also worrying thousands of others as well. It is all about the National Savings Scheme(NSS).

Both are senior citizens  Naresh( A/c number 9050005 and Junie( A/c No 9050004)  opened their NSS accounts on January 18, 1988 in the Head Post Office, Allahabad. They were given to understand by their chartered accountant that at the time of the withdrawal of the amount in this account,  a tax,  20 per cent of the current balance in the account. will be returned to them by an a/c payee cheque.
Both Mr  and Mrs Kochar wrote a letter to the Post-Master General, some extracts of which I am reproducing. They wrote in separate letters dated 27th November 2013: ‘As you are following currently applicable income tax laws specifically TDS laws, I do believe  that you will upload the TDS amount on the 26AS Website of the Income Tax Department which will enable me to claim this deduction in my next year Income Tax Return, which are now filed by my chartered accountant electronically.’  Mr and Mrs Kochar further say in their separate letters to the PMG: ‘I would appreciate a letter of confirmation from the Post Office that this procedure will indeed be followed in my case, as otherwise I will unnecessarily be put to a huge financial loss.’ Naresh’s  PAN No is ADKPK2848K and Junie’s  PAN No is ADUPK 1699J and their phone numbers respectively are  9415239677 and 9415020061. They ended off their letters with the plea:  ‘An urgent  response will be highly appreciated’.’ But no response is forthcoming. Naresh  would expect the Income Tax department to pressurize the Postal authorities to pursue the matter. If he is not receiving any response from any side, what could be the matter?
Our rather outspoken reader Shamsher Singh, when told about this on phone, exclaimed. ‘There must indeed be something fishy if not some ghotala’. But he has asked  me to convey to Naresh and Junie an easy way out: ’Tell them not to approach the bosses. They must just catch hold of some obliging Babu, pay him a handsome tip and have the matter solved’. He says: ‘Let them be quick before some Kejriwal strikes here as well’  .But Naresh and Junie, of what I know about them, may never stoop down to that level. Therefore, will the Allahabad Post-Master General respond? Why is he silent?

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