Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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It was good to read that ADA has sealed several  houses under construction, which were being built without map clearance from the ADA. These raids took place on Mayo Road, Lajpat Road and some areas in Mumfordganj.

I may stress that many people do not get their maps cleared and passed by the ADA because the task, they say, is too cumbersome. If so then the system should be simplified. But it is astounding to see that no official takes a round regularly in the areas under his jurisdiction because were he to do so he would notice these illegal constructions in no time and order their removal.
The High Court has declared illegal the compounding fee  which came in very handy in regularizing the illegal constructions through payment of fine. Is the compounding fee equivalent to the cost incurred on clearance of a map? If not, then that may explain why the people opt for this.  Compounding fee could thus be a favour in disguise and not a punishment at all. And this favour too could be having a price!

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