Sunday, February 25, 2018
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This wet season is dangerous for everyone’s health if he or she chooses to be careless. Doctors have particularly warned the elderly people in the family to be very, very careful while going to the toilet or to attend to a sudden phone-call or respond to the knock at the door  or jump out of bed on hearing the alarm clock shatter the silence of the night.

Medicos say that the old people tend to act in haste as if without their movement no emergency can be solved and the world will come to a grinding halt. What happens instead is that they often slip in the dark and then starts their additional chapter of misery. If they break their hip bones they get paralyzed for quite some time till the affluent among them can get themselves operated upon to set things right. All that can be a painful experience.
And these accidents can happen in any household. So the medical advice to the aged and the elderly is not to get up without an escort. I understand that Dr Malti Bajaj had a fall and what I learnt from Rotarians her condition became quite critical and she was to undergo an operation. Their phone would not respond. Then there is the case of Ms Junie Kochar, Principal of Greenlawns. She had a fall --twice. She had to be operated upon. But I admire the spirit and the  guts of the  bold, brave lady. She has not allowed her work to suffer and is moving in a wheeled chair to attend to all the administrative work.
One can never be sure when a mishap may occur. You may slip over a banana skin. How could you anticipate that your grandchild had carelessly thrown it there while rushing to grab a ball racing through the room because of a throw by an older child? If we look before we even walk, then that may be rewarding. But it could be a punishment as well.
People in general will have to defend themselves against exposure to cold. They must cover themselves well and not challenge the weather because the sturdiest of men cannot escape the sudden jolt that the weather may inflict on them.

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