Sunday, February 25, 2018
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The other day Dr R.K.Kapoor warned old people to take of their hearts in the old age. Our friend Rajiv Dave may say: ‘My heart is safe—with  young damsels . So it can bear the cold’. However,  now our regular contributor Dr P.C.Saxena has also warned the elderly to be cautious.

He says in a winter like this, chances of heart attack occur among the old because usually they take no physical exercise but consume rich diet. This constricts their arteries. This increases the load on the heart, Then anything can happen. He says that it is during this phase that blood pressure goes up too so that there is risk of a person getting even  a brain stroke, So my advice would be: Dear elderly folks, please do some exercise. Have a morning walk even in your verendah and make it a point to eat rich food only if you have had sufficient physical exercise to digest it.

I may mention that  hospital records say that  admission to ICCUs has increased by 20 per cent during the past few days, According to a report two-three deaths from heart attacks are being reported every second day. Dr Saxena says many people feel that if they massage the chest with mustard oil in case of pain, they will ward off the danger. That is not so. People must rush to an expert.
Incidentally I may mention that  our old citizen of Allahabad, Mr Yogendra Narain, former Chief Secretary of UP and ex-Defence Secretary and ex-Secretary General of Rajya Sabha, who is settled in Delhi, recently got a suspected  heart attack. Fortunately it was not serious. By-pass surgery was not done but other adjustments were done and he has been advised rest though his elder brother, Mr Surendrq Narain, who gave this information to me on phone on Sunday, said that he is restless  and wants to rush out of the house, But he is not yet allowed to do that. We wish him speedy recovery too.

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