Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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IG Dev kumar

Most of our crime goes undetected because the police officials are not in the habit of taking follow-up action. They are in some cases not even aware whether the orders issued by them to their subordinates have been carried out or not.

A report appearing in the press states that  in a  recent gang-rape case when the  police station concerned did not lodge the report of the victim and her parents, they went to the SP(Crime) who in turn ordered the said police station to file the FIR. But, says the report, despite orders from the SP(Crime) the report was not filed. What followed subsequently I cannot say. But if the SP(Crime) had rung up the police station concerned and asked  the officer there whether or not his orders had been complied with, the SO would have immediately implemented his order.
I have been saying repeatedly that the higher authorities should not rest content by just  issuing instructions and orders. They must also make sure that these orders are carried out.
In this connection I would like to cite the example of IG(Police) Mr Antony who believes in keeping continuous vigil to ensure that the orders issued are implemented. I m told that his working is exemplary because he  is very methodical in his approach which becomes foolproof when supervised that way. He has to take care of several cities coming under him in Allahabad Zone. He sends his investigating teams to different areas and after some time rushes another team to find out how far his orders have been implemented. He keeps on checking and cross checking so as to keep his subordinates  on their toes.
I recall an interesting incident. Allahabad  was facing floods and river waters were rising menacingly. The then DM was alert and monitoring the situation. He had asked the SSP and other cops to also rush to the field. In order to cross-check, he would  off and on keep on giving a ring. The Ganga was rising on the Rajapur side. The senior cop assured the DM that he was in the field. The DM rang up one of the check-posts, The man attending to the phone said that the officer was right now inspecting the low lying areas and was in the field. The DM was satisfied. But  he wanted to know the real position again. He rang up and was told by a subordinate that the officer had not yet returned from the field. That was an era when the mobiles had not yet made their entry. The DM thought of personally going for on-the-spot inquiry. While he was on his way, he passed by the  house of that official too. Just out of curiosity to find out whether he had returned or not, he went to the house and rang the door bell. After some time a man in banyan and under-wears opened the door yawning loudly to drive away sleep! When he saw the DM standing face to face he was stunned. What happened thereafter can well be imagined. 

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