Saturday, February 24, 2018

Israeli military court conducts closed-door proceedings
A Palestinian teenager charged after a viral video showed her hitting two Israeli soldiers went on trial in military court on Tuesday in closed-door proceedings.


Representational image. Reuters

Paris: Before man-made climate change kicked in — and well before "Day Zero" in Cape Town, where taps may run dry in early May — the global water crisis was upon us.


Leading members of the party, however, were not able to agree on when he should go.
South Africa's ANC party confirmed on Tuesday it had decided to "recall" scandal-tainted President Jacob Zuma from office but said there was no deadline for him to resign, pitching the country into further uncertainty.


Instruments Showing Wrong Speed May Have Caused Moscow Plane Crash: Probe

MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Russian experts probing the weekend plane crash outside Moscow which killed 71 people said the accident may have been caused by ice on speed probes which led to faulty information on the craft's airspeed.


Hassan Rouhani

According to reports, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani will be coming to India on a three-day-visit this week. The news was reported by Iran's ISNA news agency.


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