Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The indirect losses were suffered  by those who had invested heavily in business that was particularly meant to cater for the needs of the Mela pilgrims. We particularly feel a lot for the petty traders who arrived here in bulk. You could see them lined up at all places with their goods exhibited on the ground.  Some of the items might not have been weather proof.

They could have been damaged. Their losses would merely be in terms of the business which they lost because there were no customers,

The big losers have been those traders who were dealing in perishable goods. They might have ordered plenty of fresh milk in the hope that massive  demand for  tea would consume all of it. Tea was in much demand. But so were the sweetmeats as also poori-sabzi in small dhabas coming out with sizzling  pooris and chapattis as well as tasty vegetables. On the rainy day most of the items remained half sold or not sold at all because the  pilgrims, who usually had nice breakfast after a  bath did not wait to have a meal but rushed out of the flooded area looking urgently for any mode of transport that may take them out of the township and reach them to a railway station or a bus stop.

With slight improvement in the weather the administration is hopeful of the tempo picking up again as the climax bathing day is yet to come. But because of the uncertainty of the weather, the administration will have to make alternative arrangements to accommodate   people in emergency. We must not forget  that crowds on Mauni Amavasya day would be at their peak. Hence all shortcomings will have to be plugged by then.
Some critics are saying that the administration has welcomed the heavy rains as these helped them to cover their failure to complete all arrangements on time. Now there is no proof that arrangements were not made. But there is also the risk that because of there being no proof, some clever contractors and their conniving babus will also show on record that the work had been done. They may also produce bills about the expenses occurred and might even receive payment for the same.  This is what  one may  call making fortune out of a misfortune!  They may even produce   pictorial evidence to prove that the work was done by showing pictures taken of the readied areas last year for the Mahakumbh. After all the floods left no trace of what  all was washed away.

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