Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Today happens to be the main bathing day of the month of Magh when pilgrims in lakhs are expected to take a dip on the auspicious occasion of Mauni Amavasya. The  bathing time starts at 6.06am today and will continue for 21 hours , ending at 3.44am  tomorrow morning. Best possible arrangements have been made. If it doesn’t rain, there would be no cause for panic.

The authorities claim to have made foolproof security arrangements and the cops are keeping every inch of the Mela ground under watch. But you will have to safeguard yourself against confidence tricksters,  pick-pockets, Zeher khurans, crooks and criminals if not terrorists in garb of saints and sadhvis.
I am not exaggerating. Police have  said that there is no terrorist threat. But terrorists have in the past hoodwinked the authorities. They won’t announce in advance that they would come.  During Ardha Kumbh last, fears had reportedly been expressed in a secret booklet with the security forces that  a trained squad of 40  women terrorists had stepped on to the Indian soil from Pakistan. Their aim was to create disturbances in Allahabad Ardh Kumbh too.    The ISI had  titled their Allahabad Sangam operation as Operation Krishna India. The women  were to  be dressed either as Sadhvis or as media persons carrying 22-bore revolvers of the shape of a mobile phone having a length of 7 cm and width of 5 cm. They did not arrive then. But what’s the guarantee that they won’t try their luck this time? Those who have been trained as Mata Haris can do anything (Mata Hari was a Dutch dancer said to be the most notorious spy in history. She was said to have spied in Allahabad too during world war. She was shot by flying squad for spying). 

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