Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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mela police

I am not saying this. It is the impression of some people regarding the behaviour of the police in the Mela area. They appear to have been completely transformed from tormentors and extortionists into humble, polite men in uniform as if spiritually elevated by the environment. And a proof of this was given by our old and esteemed reader, Dipika  Rudra, daughter of Prof S.K.Rudra former Head of Economics Department, AU.

She says that Phula, grand-daughter of  her gardener( who has been working with them since 40 years) got accidentally burnt while cooking meals in their Kausambhi home.  They rushed to the police and sought help. The cops came instantly. What is more, they brought an ambulance along. It was Maha Sankranti bathing day. Roads were jammed because of the incoming pilgrims. But the ambulance carried the girl through the crowds and had her admitted in SRN Hospital. Says Dipu: ‘It was amazing. Such a prompt gesture coming from police was indeed commendable. We keep on condemning them for their lapses. Let us put in a word of appreciation too where it is due.’
Dipu, who had fractured her arm(which was in plaster) in Mangalore referred to another interesting incident. She says four foreign friends of her family—three Canadians and one Australian--  were in Allahabad recently for a holiday. At Elgin Road-Albert Road(SPMarg) crossing they wanted to hire a rickshaw to reach Ms Rudra’s residence (near Hira Halwai). Then suddenly they saw a cart and were so fascinated by it that the four of them jumped into it and  were thrilled to take a ride home on it with onlookers amused and surprised. The three Canadians were the grandmother, the mother and the daughter! Three generations enjoyed the cart drive!

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