Sunday, February 25, 2018
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mela lights

Mela fittings may be taken away to Lucknow for use elsewhere 

The people of Allahabad should be on their guard. They were promised many things in the  name of Kumbh Mela. But they hardly got any thing really substantial. Strong roads were promised. We did get new roads but made of sub-standard material in most places. They have already developed cracks and potholes. We were promised that after the Mela is over, we will be getting some costly electrical fittings for use in the city where required.

But now we come across a report that says that the Urban Development Department has sent letters to  all municipal commissioners in the State asking them to submit their requirements for sodium lights, mobile toilets and jet pumps. As the Mela will formally be over on March 10, these gadgets will be free to be uprooted from Kumbhnagar. The Urban Development Department has decided to distribute the same to municipal corporations and other local bodies.. The Lucknow Municipal Commissioner has jumped at the offer and asked officers to send him their requirements. He says, ‘A large number of programmes are organized in the State capital where mobile toilets need to be provided’

I would like to alert the Allahabad Municipal Commissioner to first have the necessary number of these items reserved for Allahabad. I am sure he must have made the list already. But there may be other items too which the city urgently requires. The standby power generators are the foremost among them. The city needs them desperately, especially to run tubewells during disruption of power supply. Often the power supply is there but the voltage is very low so that the tubewell pumps do not work. These generators would be of immense help in ensuring that the citizens get water , especially when there is power failure for a prolonged period.

This is not all. We need these power generators at least in some important areas to maintain street lights during power failure. What happens now is that the moment there is power failure—often power breakdown for several hours on end—our roads are plunged in darkness. During rush traffic hours after dusk, headlights of cars somehow help in keeping the roads lighted. But when traffic is reduced to zero, it is pitch darkness all around especially when it is a moonless night.

Till March 10 all things are here. The Allahabad Commissioner, Mr Devesh Chaturvedi, should intervene in the matter and so too Mr Reoti Raman Singh MP and stop the despatch of any vital installations from Allahabad without first ensuring that they will not be required in the city. In other words our requirements should be met first. 

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