Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Stating that they have failed to convince the Chief Justice of India Deepak Misra, four of the five seniormost judges of the Supreme Court – Justices Jasti Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan Lokur and Kurian Joseph – said there was an immediate need to preserve the judiciary system in the country if democracy has to be protected. The press conference, a first of its kind for sitting judges of the Supreme Court, is being held at the residence of Justice Chelameswar.

“We met CJI with a specific request which unfortunately couldn’t convince him that we were right therefore, we were left with no choice except to communicate it to the nation that please take care of the institution,” Justice Chelameswar said. A formal statement will be issued shortly.


12.35 pm: “Nobody is breaking the rank and it is discharge of debt to nation which we have done,” Justice Gogoi said during the press conference.

(Express Photo/Abhinav Saha)
12.33 pm: “There are many wise men saying many wise things in this country. We don’t want wise men saying 20 years from now that Justice Chelameswar, Gogoi, Lokur and Kurian Joseph sold their souls and didn’t do the right thing by our constitution,” Justice Chelameswar said, concluding the press conference.

12.30 pm: “Four of us are convinced, the democracy will not survive. We met CJI this morning, with specific request but we could not convince him. We had no choice but to communicate to the nation to take care of the institution. We place it before people of country,” Justice Gogoi said

Supreme court judge Justice Jasti Chelameswar with Justice Kurian Joseph. (Express Photo/Anil Sharma)
12.25 pm: Citing an instance, Justice Chelameswar said: “About a couple of months ago, four of us gave a signed letter to CJI. We wanted a particular thing to be done in a particular manner. It was done, but in such a way that it raised further questions on integrity of institution. The same thing happened this morning. Justice Gogoi further said: “We are discharging our duty to the nation by telling you what’s what.”

12.15 pm: “All our efforts have failed and we are all convinced that unless this institution is not preserved, democracy can’t be protected in the country,” Justice Chelameswar said.

12.10 pm: Terming the event ‘extraordinary in the history of any nation and in the history of the judiciary’, Justice Chelameswar, addressing the media, said ‘sometimes the administration of the SC is not in order and many things which have happened in the last few months that have compelled them to put the facts before the nation.

Courtesy: Indian Express

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