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Kitchen VIP

Women in bharat have come a long way from just a homemaker to working women .they are now at par with their male counterparts.


     It is a known fact that earlier the women were not exposed to the outer world. today most of the women work for which they are paid and family gets the benefit of having a good living.

        Concerns about deforestation , air pollution has increased  these days so to improve fundamental problems new efforts have been made .earlier cooking was done in an open fire. Then fuel burning devices came in bharatiya rasoi.

   Now , microwave oven has become popular in stylish bharatiya kitchens. It is considerd to be a “kitchen VIP” .Microwave oven is convenient and energy efficient  as compared to conventional oven. it is an efficient appliance for cooking ,heating ,roasting and baking. it makes  cooking easy and non sweating. One do not have to keep a constant watch as it is equipped with timer device. It can be called  a user friendly kitchen appliance.

 But, one has to compromise with ones health. this is a price one has to pay for convenience. It is said,  people who are exposed to high levels of microwave radiation experience insomnia, headache, depression, appetite loss, decrease in haemoglobin level which is one of the most important cause of ill health. Microwave oven heats food rapidly but while heating, chemical structure of food also changes.

      Some studies suggest that microwaving food can expose one to carcinogenic toxins released from plastic or paper wrappers. Food scientists found that microwaved food increased cholesterol levels and decreased HDL(good cholesterol) decrease in red and white blood cell counts may also occure.

       Moreover,microwave cooking is not recommended for heating milk bottle for may cause change in the milk and may lose some vitamins. microwaving food may also cause harm to unborn child especially when the device is old and wrongly used .emission of harmful electro magnetic radiation can harm embryos

 And lead to miscarriage. It may cause many other problems with the immune system over a period of time.

However modern women can not think of kitchen without a microwave. but some precautions  have to be followed while using microwave . one must use containers which are microwave safe. Some containers are designed for one time use only. avoid re-use. food that  is defrosted in the microwave should be cooked as soon as possible. glass or ceramic containers are best choice. Solid food needs to be added liquid. food should always be covered with a microwave safe lid. cleaning messes in microwave is to be taken care of. one should avoid using abrasive cleaners. to get bad smell out solution of water and baking soda can be used  .but before closing the door allow the microwave to dry.

    All cooking  causes damage to  some of the nutrients in food. Microwave is no different. In old microwave oven the leakage levels of radiation could be more so one should stand at least five feet away from the door. keeping these things in mind cooking in a microwave oven become fun and hassle free .






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