Sunday, February 25, 2018
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samrath kumar

ALLAHABAD: Samarth Kumar has brought laurels to the city by bagging the prestigious masters-level scholarship in energy technologies. The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabas pass out is the only student in the country to bag the scholarship given by Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) InnoEnergy of Europe, for advanced level study in sustainable energies.


                The KIC is a creation of member countries of European Union (EU) to study and research in the field of natural sources of energy among others. Samarth would be studying in Portugal’s University, institute Superior Tecnico (IST), in the first year of his course and in the second year he would be given an option to study in any of the top partner universities in Sweden, France or Germany.


                “M Sc ENTECH is a programme that aims at bringing together students and teachers from different engineering backgrounds who want to create energy technologies of the future. It is designed by European establishment, KIC InnoEnergy SE to develop an understanding of the way education and entrepreneurship strengthens a culture of innovation in the field of sustainable and renewable energy,” said an elated Samarth, 23, a resident of Drummond Road.

                “European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is a body of European Union.

                I have keen interest in renewable energy and look forward to contributing towards a sustainable future. India has a huge potential and needs to harness renewable energy to have a more secure energy future. I hope to contribute.

                I have been fortunate enough to have been granted KIC InnoEnergy scholarship which would cover my tuition and living expenses,” said Samarth who has studied up to Class 10 in St. Joseph’s College here before moving to Kota for his intermediate and IIT entrance preparation.

                Samarth, after passing BTech from IIT_Hyderabad, opted to work in Bharat Petroleum in Punjab in 2012. After his selection for the scholarship, he has left his lucrative job and has opted to pursue post graduation in sustainable energies in Portugal.

                The scholarship provides 8,000 Euros for tuition fee and 1,750 Euros for meeting other expenses.

                “The selection was purely based on merit and a mandatory TOEFL among others,” informed Samarth who plans to continue his studies in alternative energies by pursuing PHD in the same institute.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times 

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